For the latest version of my WordPress plugin (version 0.6) I have added various actions and filters to allow anyone to create addons or to extend the plugins functionality without having to edit the core.


‘mpd_before_core’ inc/core.php Perform actions just before duplication begins
‘mpd_during_core_in_source’ inc/core.php Just after data has been collected form source post but before we being to process the new post
‘mpd_end_of_core’ inc/core.php Immediately after all duplication actions have been performed
‘mpd_before_metabox_content’ inc/postform_ui.php Before the metabox markup is displayed
‘mpd_after_metabox_content’ inc/postform_ui.php After the metabox markup is displayed
‘mdp_start_plugin_setting_page’ in/settings-ui.php After settings page has been registered but before and settings fields have been generated
‘mdp_end_plugin_setting_page’ in/settings-ui.php After all core setting fields have been registered


‘mpd_activation_options’ mpd.php add/edit/delete the option fields added on activation of plugin
‘mdp_default_options’ mpd.php add/edit/delete the default values of each setting in mpd
‘mpd_is_active’ various locations change logic determining if plugin tools are available or not
‘mpd_setup_destination_data’ inc/core.php Hook into the post values for the destination post
‘mpd_returned_information’ inc/core.php add/edit/delete the information on the created post returned by the core function
‘mpd_ignore_post_types’ inc/mpd-functions.php Hook into the array which stores the post types that the mpd metabox will not display on.
‘mpd_featured_image’ inc/mpd-functions.php Filter details on the copied featured image
‘mpd_featured_image_filename’ inc/mpd-functions.php Do stuff with the copied featured image’s filename only
‘mpd_alt_tag_array_from_post_content’ inc/mpd-functions.php Do stuff with the alt tags for the images within the new post content
‘mpd_admin_notice_text’ inc/mpd-functions.php Hook into the ‘success’ admin notice.
‘mpd_global_filter_sites’ inc/mpd-functions.php Control the sites on your network that appear in the MPD functionality
‘mpd_show_settings_page’ inc/settings-ui.php Control the logic that determines when to show the Settings page
‘mpd_source_data’ inc/core.php Control the source data being added to the core duplication process
‘mpd_available_post_statuses’ inc/mpd-functions.php Control what post statuses are available to the user

Please note that this is a very brief summary of the filters and actions, for greater detail into parameters and data that you can gain access to with these hooks please check the source code.